Areas at Risk

The Current SituationFracking-License-Map

In the Governments latest oil and gas licensing round (2014) the map below shows (in red) the areas of the UK where it is proposed that companies could apply for exclusive licences to explore for all types of oil and gas including unconventional gas.

A substantial area of Great Britain and Ireland has already been licensed for oil and gas exploration including fracking (blue areas).

The red areas show the areas under consideration for new licences as part of the 14th round. This could mean a give-away of 60% of the UK to fracking companies.


Do you live in an area that could be affected?

Check the map, if you are concerned about unconventional gas exploration in your area please do you own research to find out more.

If you would like to get involved then CLICK HERE find your nearest local group.

For more info on the areas affected please click on the links below (opens new window):