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Sign up for a Frack Free UKGREEN PEACE

Dear David Cameron,

Please reconsider your position on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, immediately and instead champion clean energy sources which do not risk our global climate, the natural environment and ouA4_FOE_Green_Logor health.






David Cameron claims that fracking could alleviate fuel poverty, but even his friends at Cuadrilla – the fracking company slated to cash in on the dash for gas – feel fracking’s impact on household bills will be ‘basically insignificant.’

What we do know is that fracking is being used to justify up to forty new gas power stations and that extracting new fossil fuel deposits is likely to make climate change worse. It will also require tens of thousands of new wells in Lancashire alone, scarring the natural landscape wherever shale gas is exploited.

According to international experts, we need to keep two-thirds of known fossil fuels in the ground to avoid ‘runaway climate change’ – the point at which global warming becomes irreversible.

Rather than scraping the bottom of the fossil fuels barrel and building up costly infrastructure that will lock us into a high-carbon future for decades to come, we need strong government investment in clean, renewable energy.

Stop Cameron’s New Fracking Law!GREEN PEACE

David Cameron wants to change the law so fracking companies can drill under our homes without permission.

But the plans can’t go through without MPs votes, so if we can get them to see how unpopular Cameron’s idea is, they’ll think twice before voting it through whenPETITION the time comes. Sign now and leave a comment for your MP. We’ll include them when we deliver the petition, and we’ve teamed up with Friends of the Earth to increase our strength.

“74% of the public in Britain are against changes to trespass laws that would allow fracking companies to drill under homes without permission. I urge you to oppose government plans to change the law and vote against them when you have the chance.”

Ask Cameron to say no to Frackingfracking_logo_web_angle

David Cameron promised his would be the ‘greenest government ever’






Yet he has come out in clear support of fracking, a new way of extracting yet more dirty fossil fuels, just when the UK should beleading the world in moving to clean renewable power.  Help us call on David Cameron to focus on clean, safe and renewable energy solutions instead.