The Myths

Lots of Jobs?Fracking Myths

Claims that unconventional gas developments will create jobs for local people are exaggerated; transient professionals in the drilling industry will be the main beneficiaries.

It will be Well Regulated

The government is relying on its experience with offshore oil and gas exploration regulation and conventional onshore regulations. There is currently no regulation in the UK specific to the extraction of onshore unconventional gas.

We will get Cheap Gas?

Unconventional Gas exploration is expensive and requires high energy prices to make it viable. The UK is part of a European gas  market with prices set on this basis. Unless supply of gas increases dramatically across the whole of Europe (not just the UK) gas prices will not fall significantly.

It will give us Energy Security?

Unconventional Gas gives a false sense of energy security. It is a means for the oil and gas industry to generate new income streams as hydro-carbon depletion cuts their conventional business activities.

It is not a sustainable energy solution; we cannot be distracted from what is really needed: reducing energy consumption, and developing an infrastructure for local, community-owned renewable alternatives and safe energy options.